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My name is Peter Vlahos and I created Pete's Marketing Inc. in 2010. PMI is an A+ BBB Rated Company. I have been one of the top earners and producers in the home business industry since 2010. PMI is a One-on-One Marketing Consulting & Training Company which provides practical, hands on solutions to small business owners seeking to increase their customer base. Our number one goal is to help small business owners, like yourself, gain the Home Based Business Marketing Advantage. We do this through a reputable, highly regarded and personalized, 1:1 coaching system with proven repeatable results. Our work hasn’t gone unnoticed. PMI has developed a reputation as one of the most innovative and hardest working professional services firms in the industry. Pete's Marketing Inc is the only consulting service of its kind that PROUDLY has an A+ Accredited Rating with the Better Business Bureau. PMI Consulting & One-on-One Training Services offers six different marketing service strategies and provides long term ongoing training support throughout the learning process. The home based business arena is challenging and constantly evolving, but when done correctly, in an ethical way, with a proven step-by-step process, it can deliver high impact results. PMI has worked with thousands of small business entrepreneurs to alleviate their “where do I find customers” pain and it can do the same for you. Call the number below to get started: Pete's Marketing Inc: 1-847-630-8889

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